This is how Tavex Guldkuvert® works:

01. Order a free of charge Tavex Guldkuvert ®

Order from our website or call customer service +46 8 678 20 30

If you order before 17.00, we will send out your envelope the same day, and it will generally arrive the next working day. 

You are not obligated to sell your gold by ordering the Guldkuvert.

02. Receive an Insured Package

Please follow the instructions to ensure your gold envelope is insured. The insurance covers a value of up to 100 000 SEK for each Guldkuvert. 

Let us know if the value is higher, and we will send you several return envelopes to ensure everything is fully insured.

03. Send your gold to us with Tavex Guldkuvert®

Put the gold in the safety bag and seal the bag. Send the gold and the contract in the prepaid return envelope and deliver it to your closest PostNord service point. You can find Service points here.

Make sure you get a receipt that you have handed in the return envelope.

04. The value of the gold is evaluated accurately

When we have received the gold, our experts will calculate the value of your gold.


05. Payment within 24 hours

We’ll reach out to you by phone with our price offer.

Once you have agreed on the price, you will receive the money in your account within 24 hours.

This is what you will receive with the Tavex Guldkuvert®:

Simple Instructions

Clear and simple instructions on sending your gold back to us with fully insured coverage. Your valuables are insured up to 100,000 SEK.

Safety Bag

A tamper-proof safety bag to send your gold in. The bag is sealed by removing the silvery strip protecting the blue tape that will seal the bag.


Contract with the description of the gold you want to sell to us. With this signed contract you task Tavex with buying your gold.

Return Envelope

A prepaid return envelope that you will you use to send the gold and the contract to Tavex. The return envelope is delivered to a PostNord service point.

This is how your Gold is valued:

Ideal machine for the analysis of Gold Jewellery & Melted Gold, even items with multi-layer coating.

You know how sometimes people worry if their jewelry is really made of gold?

Well, this machine can tell for sure! It has a special sensor called the Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) that can measure the gold and silver in the jewelry. It’s super accurate and can even check the thickness of the gold coating!

This machine uses something called XRF technology. That means it can quickly and safely check the gold and silver in the jewelry without damaging it. !

It’s like having a superhero to help make sure how valuable your jewelry is.

High-Performance X-Ray Fluorescence Measuring Gold Testing Machine

  • Very high accuracy and amazing detection sensitivity.
  • Fast and non-destructive
  • Can analyze coating thickness.
  • Measurement of Gold and Silver alloys.
  • Gives you super-accurate carats and valuation of your precious jewelry.
  • Modern technology

Frequently asked questions

You can order your Tavex Guldkuvert in several ways:

  • Via the internet (use the order form [link to form] here on our webpage)
  • Via telephone and talking to our customer service (+46 8 678 20 30)
  • E-mail (tavex@tavex.se)

The return delivery for Tavex Guldkuvert is valid for two months. If the delivery is no longer valid you can ask us for a new shipping document or order a new Guldkuvert.

Yes, your gold is not sent my regular mail but with PostNords registered mail. Please do not put your gold in a regular mailbox. Instead please submit the return envelope to your nearest post office. When you do this, you will receive a receipt from the post office, that you need to keep for insurance purposes. When the Guldkuvert arrives an authorized Tavex employee has to sign for the envelope in order to receive it. All of this is done to make the process as safe as possible. You can also track your package using the PostNord’s webpage here: https://www.postnord.se/vara-verktyg/spara-brev-paket-och-pall#/

Yes, Tavex has four stores located in Stockholm. You are welcome to our offices to sell your gold in a safe, discrete, and professional way at great prices. If you come to our store, you have the possibility to be paid in cash instantly, as soon as we have valued your gold. You can also get the money transferred to your bank account within 24 hours. Warm Welcome!

How long will it take for me to receive the money after I send my gold?

We will pay out the money as soon as we have valued the gold that has been delivered to us via Guldkuvert and received the correct bank account number from you. We will transfer the money with an express transfer within 24 hours of valuing the gold and agreeing on the price with you.

The gold that you send to us via Guldkuvert is weighted using well-calibrated and sensitive scales to give the accurate weight of the gold.  Our well-trained and experienced gold experts then value your gold, by determining its purity using acid tests.

No, we do not charge any valuation fee. Our price is fair and transparent. You can track our prices online here: https://tavex.se/salj-guld-via-tavex-guldkuvert/

If you choose not to sell the gold to us it will be returned to you. You should contact us as soon as possible since by signing the contract you authorize us to do tests that might damage your gold. We charge 199 SEK in postal fees to cover our postage and insurance costs when sending these products back to you. Other than that, there are no additional fees.

When you send your gold with us, it is sent via Postnords Rek letter. Your gold is automatically insured up to a value of 100 000 SEK. Tavex has partnered up with Länsförsäkring Insurance to provide additional insurance (most of the other gold dealer, unfortunately, offer a cover of only 10 000 SEK)

PostNords REK service is one of the safest ways to ship items and Tavex pays for the shipping costs. When you choose Tavex Guldkuvert, the insurance is included with no additional cost to you. In the highly unlikely event that your Tavex Guldkuvert is lost, we will compensate you for your damage (in coordination with our insurance provider: Länsförsäkringar Insurance) if the following conditions are fulfilled:

If the Tavex Guldkuvert is lost, the policyholder can receive compensation if an original receipt from Postnord can be presented. The compensation is based on the weight registered by the Post Office on the receipt at the time of submission, deducting the weight of the Guldkuvert. The policyholders’ remuneration is based on the weight and current price for 18 karat gold*, unless otherwise stated in the submitted documents. A valid “gold agreement” is a precondition for being able to pay out the insurance compensation.

*most of the gold that we buy is 18 karats!

Tavex strives to have Sweden’s best rates when buying scrap gold (smycken). If you, as a customer, find another company in Sweden, that offers you a better price in Sweden, we will match this with another price improvement on your transaction. Call us on 086782030 for more information. The conditions for this can be read below:

In order for you, as a customer to be able to use our price policy when you are selling scrap gold to us, the time and date for the comparison must be the same for the transaction. Additionally, the price must be confirmed by phone in order for us to verify the price from the competitor. The offer is valid only when comparing prices to traders with permanent establishments in Sweden. The offer is valid provided that the competitor buys precious metal in accordance with current legislation. The offer is valid provided that the price of the competitor’s product does not exceed the so-called spot price for gold for the respective purities and the number of grams. The offer cannot be combined with discount offers. Tavex AB reserves the right to refuse this offer when buying scrap gold from companies.

All the gold products that we buy are documented and stored safely and securely. Tavex works in close cooperation with the police, so that the police can go through the gold items to check for stolen goods. The close cooperation with the Police makes Tavex Guldkuvert one of the least successful for thieves.

We are open for calls and visits from Monday to Friday, from 09.00 -18.00 in the head office.  You can check our opening hours for different offices here: Opening hours. Deviations from regular opening hours during special holidays will be posted in our news section. However, please note that it is possible to order a Tavex Guldkuvert via our webpage, any time of the day, all year round. Your information is processed on the next working day.

No, we do not buy silver jewelry at the moment. However, if you have a large amount of silver jewelry, please contact us on 08 678 20 30.

You can send in items that have stones or beads. However, we do not value these and you do not get paid for them, as they rarely have a second-hand value.

If you want to keep the stones/beads, we recommend that you remove these before sending in your items. The price of the gold that we pay out, is not reduced if the object is damaged in connection with this.

You did not get an answer to your question? Call us on 08 678 20 30 (Monday to Friday,09:00 – 18:00)